Anonymous asked: You said about the black ocean that “significant icons and sunbae celebrities that

Anonymous asked:

Hi. You said about the black ocean that “significant icons and sunbae celebrities that have come out publicly criticising it”. Can you name some of them? I’ve been googling it and can’t see anything. I wanna know their opinions regarding that black ocean. 🙂

The biggest one in terms of content was the legendary Shin Haechul who called it “the atrocity/savagery of three groups of [human] scraps”.

He then went on his live radio show and shouted into the microphone

“… I invite the representatives of CaTeuEl [Cassiopeia/TripleS/ELF] to come to broadcast and state their point of view. Tell me how you did nothing wrong. Tell me why you are so shameless.”

“Girls’ Generation have no manners? The way they talk to sunbaes?

You have no right to correct anyone about this. You are not their mothers, fathers or managers. You are not even their home-room teachers. If Girls’ Generation were badly behaved, the entertainment industry would have dealt with them on its own.”

This comes from someone who has been active in the entertainment industry for what is now a quarter of a century. Rookie artists like SNSD would have been eaten alive if they had been guilty of what antis accused them of.

Some of those anti-bloggers claimed to understand Korean culture; they clearly do not. The Korean entertainment industry is, almost like a guild, a macro-organisation. It looks after its own and punishes where necessary: that’s why it’s been so easy to kill off JTL and hold back JYJ (at least in Korea). SNSD would have been crippled by seniors from the beginning if they really were disrespectful.

“I have been a singer for 20 years. I was in unfair situations before. When I ask my fans why they didn’t riot on my behalf, they replied ‘we couldn’t because it would ruin oppa’s public image’. It really moved me”

“Do you think you dishonoured/shamed Girls’ Generation? No. You dishonoured/shamed the DBSK, SS501 and Super Junior whom you all represent.”


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